Build Your Own Team


The next step once you have tested the waters with your first programming-hire in Macedonia is to build a team around the first experiences.

✔️ From one to several, we help you scale.

✔️ Benefit from economies of scale, as your team grows.

✔️ INVICTUS provides the facilities and world-class infrastructure to home your team.


As with individual programmers, INVICTUS helps you monitor the performance of your teams by conducting regular employee-surveys, which you can customize to your expectations.

Take this opportunity to align your organizational goals with the personal goals of your team member.

Process Audit

Our senior managers are available to audit your project delivery process as soon as you hit a team of 3. This gives you the advantage of combining your expectations and experiences with our regional cultural and professional know-how.

Process audits are performed in 1-to-1 sessions over phone and video between seasoned INVICTUS people-managers and key stakeholders from client-team

Knowledge Management

For a technology company, the cumulative knowledge of the whole team is its main capital. We understand the Knowledge Management needs of software & IT organizations, hence are able to advise our clients in capturing knowledge both at the process and people levels.

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