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Are you in the need of staffing your upcoming projects? Have you been thinking about hiring programmers from Eastern Europe, or even build a team and start a subsidiary at some point?

We guarantee access to a database of high-skilled software-engineers anxious to participate in overseas companies.

Here are the highlights of our offer:

✔️ A large pool of software engineers you can interview and handpick for short and long-term needs.

✔️ INVICTUS provides fixed office-space for your employee, so that (s)he can deliver maximum professional performance.

✔️ Transparent billing model. You pay a salary you want to your employee, and we charge a flat overhead fee. Your costs are totally predictable.

✔️ We help you throughout the interview and negotiation process.

We can support you with hiring developers with the following skills immediately.

⇢ PHP Frameworks




 iOS – XCode, Swift

 UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator

Best of all, we can help you immediately. Let us know your requirement, and we will set up an interview right away.

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Performance Monitoring

INVICTUS has wide experience managing employees in Macedonia, which you can take advantage of. We help you monitor the performance of your employee continuously so that you can consistently get greater value. We stand by you as your local partner.

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