Ilinka S.

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Has leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. How can we fit those abilities to our customer value?
Unlikely to thrive as "just a programmer".
Can she manage ShopManager® spin-off, from programming to marketing to product-management?
How would she work with remote-programmers?

– Automotive site: Ads aggregator
– Motivation: Idea, Marketing, PR, Design
– Nature-lover, Social-Engineer, community-worker, loves to work for people
– Civil, programming for social-causes. IT for social causes
– Active in student-parliament (helping kids without access to computers)
– University project, small shops, as student
– University languages: Python, HTML, CSS, C/C++, Java
– Kovadarci

Has leadership skills!

At the current time, we need people with raw technical skills, to boost our pipeline of hours. And the development process needs yet to be fixed.
Roles like product-management, program-management, business interns can come a bit later.



Technical Skills