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E-Commerce using Laravel and AngularJS

This application was designed so it could easily be integrated as a mobile app and
web app. For this purpose I decided to use Restful Api using the Laravel Framework
and for frond-end part AngularJS version 1.5.3 with components.

For the authentication I used tymon/jwt-auth sending the token on every request that needed authorization. For this purpose I used Angular satellizer which helped me with the process of the saving the token in the browser storage and adding that token to the request. Also using the satellizer I implemented authentication with third-party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub.

For the payment process I used Laravel socialite which supports different payment methods.


For this project I was using ORACLE database and non MVC architecture JSP(Java
Server Page) for backend logic. The app offers the following functionalities:
o The registered user can reserve the book he/she likes and also submit the rating for the book. The reservation process depends if some samples are
free in the library where the user is registered.
o The librarian can add new books in the system, confirm that the user has
taken the book. Also he has a list with users that need to return the book,
and confirm the returning.
o The administrator can add or delete librarians in the system.

Developing web app using Laravel framework, MySQL database and jQuery for asynchronous posting of comments.

The idea behind this project was to ensure fast and reliable drugs delivery to people who really need them.

Every user, during the registration process, can choose for which pharmacy he will work (deliver drugs only from that specific pharmacy). He / She can choose which
drug to deliver, or if that drug is not registered in the database yet, he/she can type the drug name. If someone else has published that same drug, the user can enter the delivery price and / or entering the short description, image and the drug price.

The buyers can comment the drug delivery, for example if the delivery was on time. Also they can submit Like or Dislike to the drug and the user who delivered it.

Android app for communication between the family doctor and their patients

This mobile app represents centralized system which enables real time communication between the family doctor and their patients. Besides communication feature, the doctors can select which drugs are needed for the diagnosed illness. After all drugs are selected, the patient get notification on their smartphone when he/she needs to take the pill.

• Fully responsive informative website using Wordpress. This project required some additional programing in order to create custom components.
• Full solution from idea to product. Design and business logic implementation with fully custom CMS for the company. Technologies used: Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap.
• Web application developed for Messer needs. The solution
was specially designed for the Messer`s business logic which
required real-time functions that were realized using NodeJS


Technical Skills