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Experience is the most important asset of a service provider. We help software companies expand their programming, engineering and research capacities in Eastern-Europe in a sustainable fashion.

Here is an overview of our projects. We are happy to put you in touch with selected customers, if you ask us in advance, please.

Founder and CEO of Simplify-ERP®

For some people, I’m sure Invictus Solutions is just another recruitment business, but for us, it’s a critical part of our success.

We have increased productivity since we started recruiting developers with the help of Invictus Solutions.

Managing director of Nebiz®

Invictus Solutions is an overall amazing recruiting platform. We do not use any other recruitment service and we do not plan on doing so either!

With Invictus Solutions, we now capture more high-quality applicants, make more within our projects, and have a partner to make simple and open conversations regarding our needs.

Chief executive officer of IceCream Marketing

At IceCream Marketing, Invictus Solutions has been of great help at increasing our team with high profile marketers and it’s been an on-growing collaboration.