Hire a programmer,

build your team and start a software-development unit in Eastern Europe.

INVICTUS helps software companies expand their programming, engineering and research capacities in Eastern-Europe in a sustainable fashion.

Developer Profiles in our database, at all levels of seniority
Companies rely on our database for our recruitment needs
Recruiters help you personally to find the exact match for your requirement
countries where we can build developer teams in – Poland, Ukraine, Czech Rep., Macedonia, Belarus and Georgia

Our Mission

Our mission for you is to build and grow sustainable software programming teams in Macedonia.

We handhold our clients from hiring a single programmer, to building and growing a team, and ultimately spinning it off as a 100% subsidiary to their parent from anywhere in the world.

Our approach is progressive. Start small and grow sustainably.

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Hire a Programmer

Hire a programmer that works under contract exclusively for your projects. We provide the infrastructure.

Build Your Team

Start forming a team. Do more. We provide the environment and take care of the nitty-gritty so that you can focus on achieving productive results.


As you grow in Macedonia, you will need more control and security for your investment. We help you spin-off as an independent company.


Score our database of developer profiles and find a suitable one fitting just your needs. After you find one, we'll arrange an interview for you!